Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Organizing your closet on a budget!!!

I had been dreaming about a shoe closet for a very long time, and a few months ago my wishes came true when my husband let me have our closet all to myself.  I felt bad taking his stuff to a separate closet, but he was tired of seeing my shoes and bags all over our room.  He kept saying how felt like he was living in a closet!  Anyway, I found this organizer on Craigslist for only $10 and it fits 50 pairs of shoes.  It is amazing, I love it!  I also found a black shelf at a garage sale last week for only $10.  You can buy the shoe hanging bags and use it to organize your smaller bags and clutches.  I use the racks that go over the door, I got them for $2 each and that is how I keep my larger bags organized. You can always find good deals on Craigslist, or at garage sales.  I also posted the links where to find the shoe rack and the organizer I use for my smaller bags below.  All the shoe signs you can find at Ross for a few dollars :)  Hope you like my shoe closet, and thank you for reading my blog :)



  1. I love this!!! Dang lady you have quite the shoe collection!!! I need to put all my shoes out - I keep them all in their boxes, but I like being able to see them better I think! I love your blog so far! Keep it up!! :)


  2. Thank you Sherry! I feel so much better to have my shoes out where I can see them, otherwise I just keep purchasing shoes that I don't really need :) Believe it or not I have under 100 pairs of shoes. I think it looks like I have more than I really do.