Friday, March 30, 2012

Shoe Collection Part 1

I have had several requests to make videos on my shoe collection.  I have over 100 pairs of shoes,  I didn't know how to start,  so I decided to break them down into sections.  The shoes in this first collection were all purchased at the Wholesale Fashion Shoe Store  in lovely Phoenix, AZ.  This store is one of Phoenix's hidden treasures.

The best part about this store is that each pair of shoes is only $10.88, and it is open to the public.  The store does not currently ship any items, so you do have to go to the actual store to purchase your shoes.  You also have to keep an eye out, they bring in new shoes every week, so if you see something on their Facebook page that you like, you have to go in and get it right away before the shoe sells out in your size.

 This pair I customized, I added a Hello Kitty face with rhinestone's

 These are my favorite pair of flats!


 Same shoe as Giovanna from JF

 MIXX same shoe as Jordyn from JF

 Speed Limit 98

 Forever 21 



Same as Taryn from SD

 Forever 21


Similar to Society Sucide Iron Fist shoe from JF

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lauren Conrad Inspired: Floral

Floral: Lauren Conrad Inspired

Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite style celebrities that inspire me.  She always looks simple, chic, and effortless.  Floral prints are so pretty for Spring!  I decided to pair my dress with a bright pair of heels and bag.  Kaplan from Shodazzle is the perfect bag to add a pop of color to my dress, and the heels contrast perfectly.

Necklace: Belladazzle
Blazer: Ross $15
Dress: Rue 21 $10
Bag: Shoedazzle $40
Shoes: Mall also sold at JustFab

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pink Amour

My look of the day is inspired by Ashley from "Ashes into Fashion".  I love how she combined her yellow skinny jeans with her pink pumps.  The pink and the yellow contrast each other nicely.

This look inspired me to pair my pink Amour shoes from Shoedazzle with my yellow skinny jeans.  I LOVE  my pink Amour shoes!  They are one of the most comfortable pumps that I have, I also have them in the black & white combo.  Shoedazzle had the teal & gray combo as well, but I missed out on that shoe, so when they came out with the pink ones I snagged them as soon as I saw them!  

Shoedazzle Pink Amour Shoes
JustFab Elite watch
Belladazzle bag

White blazer Forever 21 $22.90
White top Burlington Coat Factory $8
JustFab Elite watch GIFT
Pink Belladazzle bag $30
Yellow skinny jeans Forever 21 $15.50
Pink Amour shoes Shoedazzle $39.99

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Simply Vera vs. Sam Edelman

I have been eyeing a pair of  Sam Edelman shoes in yellow, but they were a little over my budget ($200).  I just couldn't bring myself to purchase 1 thing and not be able to purchase anything else for an entire month.  I was very excited when I saw the Vera Wang spiked pump at Kohls, at only a fraction of the price of the Sam Edelman shoes.  They were on sale for $55.99, and I had an extra 20% off, so the total amount was $46! 

Sam Edelman vs. Vera Wang 

The shoes are tts for me, but I have a wide foot, and the shoes seem to be a bit narrow.  I love the material it feels like suede, and it has a snake skin pattern to it.  The spikes on the back of the heel are not heavy at all, and the heel height makes them very comfortable.  

NY & CO blazer
NY&CO shirt
Just Fab Concert bag $40
Forever 21 mint jeans 
Vera Wang heels $46

Thursday, March 22, 2012

WTH: Abby Dawn

It was LOVE at first sight as soon as I saw WTH.  I only recently started adding spiked heels to my shoe collection, my first spiked heels were also from Just Fab the Makeeda's.  I have them in black, nude, blue, and red.  The Makeeda's are a replica of some LB heels, and for only $40 a pair that is a steal! Just Fab offered a sale for the Abby Dawn collection buy 1 get the second 50% off, so I went ahead and ordered the size 8 & 9.  My size is 8.5, and the size 9 fit me perfectly.   They are very comfortable, I LOVE my WTH heels!!! 

 WTH heels & Belladazzle bow clutch

Rue 21 black pleather Jacket $29.99
Rue 21 pink top $7.50
Belladazzle bow clutch $35
JF Cigarette jeans $40
JF WTH hees $40

Would you dare to rock the WTH heels?  These heels are princess & rock mixed in one :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adoria: Pretty in pink

When I first saw Adoria, she reminded me of a Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream.  I didn't think I would like this shoe until a couple of my Sole Sisters posted pics of Adoria.  I instantly knew she had to join my shoe collection!  I received my shoes yesterday, I tried Adoria on immediately!  I ordered her tts and she fits perfectly.  I am so glad I decided to order her, because she is now sold out in most sizes. 

 Adoria from Justfab

Black blazer: Goodwill $1
White Hello Kitty Shirt: $12
Pink Belladazzle bag: $25
Heart Bracelet: 5-7-9 $4.90
JF Jeans: $40
JF Adoria $40

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Spring Fling

Who is ready for Spring?  I love the brights, pastels, polka dots, and all the new trends that we are seeing right now!  Nothing makes me happier than to see color everywhere.  I walked around Forever 21 and instantly fell in love with this green/mint polka dot dress that I found for only $22.80!  What a steal, I also purchased a really cute yellow polka dot dress with ruffles for the same price.  

Here is the same dress one with a skinny pink belt and pink pumps, and the other without the belt and my Amour pumps.  Which one do you like best?

Dress Forever 21 $22.80
Jewelry Belladazzle
Bag Belladazzle 
Shoes Shoedazzle $40

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yellow Blazer

I am so in love with the bright color blazers that are being sold right now at the stores!  So perfect for Spring.  I have many blazers, but most of them are neutral colors from when I used to work at the bank.  I found a few really pretty blazers at the Goodwill store this past week for only $6.38 each!  I had been looking for a yellow blazer, but I couldn't find one with the perfect fit.  This one is perfect fit, price, and I love the little details of black ribbon on the pockets and color.

I was inspired by this look that I saw on Kendall Jenner.  She looks so cute and innocent.  I love the combination of the white top with the black bottoms and the yellow blazer. 

I am wearing the yellow blazer from Goodwill $6.39, white polka dot top from Rue 21 $7.50, black cigarette jeans from JF $39.99, black bag from Garage sale $5, Amour shoes from Shoedazzle $39.99.  Please make sure to subscribe to my blog, and my youtube channel :

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birkin Inspired Bag

I noticed that Shoedazzle added a new bag to our boutiques last night.  The name of the bag is Iredell, this bag is a Birkin inspired bag available in white, orange, red, teal, and green.  I was thinking of purchasing this exact same bag on ebay last week.  Ebay's price for this bag is $23.59 compared to Shoedazzle's price $39.95, but for a budget queen such as myself I will try to get the best deal for my money.  I went ahead and placed an order for the pink bag on ebay.  The downside is that you might have to wait up to 3 weeks to get your order, but for those who want to save some money it is worth it.

This bag is coveted by many fashionistas, all the IT stars in Hollywood are often seen carrying this beautiful bag around.  The cost of an authentic Birkin bag can vary anywhere from $5,300-$50,000. Posh has been seen with this bag in many different colors, it appears to be one of her favorite bags.  This is a staple piece in her wardrobe.

The good thing about ordering from Shoedazzle is that if you change your mind after receiving your item, you can exchange your purchase for something else at no additional cost.  Shoedazzle will also give you points for each purchase you make, you also get 200 points for each person that uses your link to sign up with them.  Once you have 1000 points, you can redeem them for a free item from your boutique.  This is one of the perks that you have when you belong to their shoe club.  If you do not yet belong to Shoedazzle, and are interested in signing up, please use my link so that you get 20% off of your first purchase.  Enjoy your Sunday, and happy shopping!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Loving your body at any size!

The first thing I think about anytime I take pictures is that I am not the right size.  One of the reasons I was so reluctant to blog was because I was waiting until I lost weight.  Just the thought of taking pics and trying to look cute at a size 12/14 made me feel unsure of myself.  Until just recently I decided that I will make the best and work with what I have now.

I have a straight body shape, which means that my bust and my hips are basically the same size.  I know my body, and know what I am looking for when I am shopping.  After you find out your body shape, then you will know what type of clothes flatters your body!  One of my favorite stores to shop at is NY & CO they carry up to a size 16,  they also have petite, average and tall in pants, so it makes it very easy to shop there.


I did a little research and the average size of an American women is size 14!   I think it would be awesome to see average sized women in the media.  I wanted to see what my healthy body weight was for my height,  I found out that I do need to eat and exercise to be at a healthy weight.   For me it is not about what size I am, but about being healthy and feeling good about my self.  Confidence is loving and accepting who you are right now.