Sunday, May 08, 2016

Dear Mom

 Dear Mom,
Thank you for carrying me in your stomach for 9 months.  Your belly stretched and left marks that will never go away.  Feeling uncomfortable, loosing many nights of sleep as I grew and formed in your belly.  Then the labor pains, and finally your baby that you waited to meet for 9 months was born! 
The sleepless nights continued as I learned to adjust to life outside of your stomach.  The days flew by, you taught me how to walk, how to love, how to be strong. I learned that I could do anything if I loved God with all my heart.  I made mistakes but kept pressing forward, because you taught me that no one is perfect.
Now that I am a mother myself, I understand the importance of my job as a mom.  I  am teaching my girls (who will one day be mother's themselves)  how important it is to love your children unconditionally. Thank you for your advice, for you patience, and for being my rock.  I am blessed and honored to have you as my mother, my queen. 
Your Princess

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Lucky Charm Frozen Bananas

 To celebrate Dia De Los NiƱo's, my kids and I decided to make some Lucky Charm Frozen Bananas. I don't know about you, but I am always on the lookout for quick and easy recipes.  My kids love helping in the kitchen.  This was a fun activity that allowed us to spend some quality time together.   
 I purchased my ingredients at our local Walmart.  For this recipe I used: a box of Lucky Charms, some honey, some baby bananas, and some skewers. 

I peeled the bananas, and put the bananas on a skewer.  I then poured some lucky charms onto the plate.  I poured some honey on the banana and I let the kids spread the honey with a plastic knife.  The fun part for my kids was decorating their banana.  My oldest daughter made a really cute face on her banana.  Then we put our bananas on a plate and into the freezer for and hour.
Last step my kids ate and enjoyed their Lucky Charm frozen banana!  My kids loved this treat, we can't wait to try it next time with other cereals like Trix, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Cocoa Puffs.  Head on over to and Pinterest to get ideas on recipes that you can try with your kids. 
Disclaimer: This was a Sponsored post, all opinions are honest and my own.