Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OOTD : Purple Payson

 I have been completely obsessed with my Jusfab Paysons.  I started out with the nude and ended up ordering this shoe in all three colors (nude, purple & orange), and if they had other colors I would probably have to add those as well.  What is it about this shoe that has me obsessed you ask?  Well it is a classic mary jane style shoe, but with the added platform, and at 6 inches high it elongates your legs making them look extremely sexy ;)  

Tips on sizing, if you have a wide foot like me you might want to go up .5 size, I have the nude and the purple in my true size, and the orange I went up .5 size, and the feel much more comfy.  

 If you are not yet a Justfab member then what are you waiting for to become one?  You get points for every purchase, you get a FREE credit in your account every time 2 friends purchase through your link, and you get to enjoy the perks of the Justfab Community page!  So sign up today and get your very first purchase at 50% off of the regular price!  Here is my link--->>>  Invite

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Win $100!!!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Inspiring women: Karen Danielle Torres

I wanted to start interviewing women who have inspired me.  I first met Karen Danielle Torres through the Shoedazzle facebook page a couple years ago.   We both shared our LOVE for shoes, and I really admired her sense of style.  We were both part of a shoegroup on facebook Shoedivas, and that is how we start getting to know each other and became friends.  Aside from her amazing style, she is very positive, very outgoing, and humble. 

Question: What does true beauty mean to you?

Karen: I think true beauty comes from the inside. It starts with being kind to yourself and believing in yourself. Personally, I do like to do my hair and wear make up and wear a variety of different clothing styles, but a woman who dresses plainly and pulls her hair back, but always has a smile or a kind word is even more beautiful.

Question:  What makes you feel beautiful?

Karen: Lots of things make me feel beautiful. Being outside on a beautiful day, listening to good music, getting pampered, or hearing compliments from my friends or my husband all make me feel beautiful.

Question:  Who is your style icon?

Karen:  I love Gwen Stefani's style! I have been following her since the early 90's! But I also love Jennifer Lopez's style and Jennifer Aniston. They are all very classy and unique and stick with what works best for them.

Question:   You always look so happy, where do you draw your strength from?

Karen:  Well, to be completely honest, I'm not always happy and I actually struggle with depression. I just don't post pics of myself on those days. But I do draw my strength from my faith in God. I know that He loves me and has the best in store for me, even when things may hurt or times seem rough. Sometimes I forget that it is by trial that our faith grows and nothing is more beautiful or strong then faith in the Lord.

I also feel strong in other ways too though. As I get older, I try harder and try more new things. In this past year alone, I've run a half marathon and went ziplining even though I was terrified at first! Conquering a fear is definitely strong and beautiful!

Karen deployed in Afghanistan.

 Karen looking GORGEOUS at a military ball.

 Karen showing off her cute style :)

 Karen and her husband Benjie, this is her favorite pic of them having fun and being silly :)

Hope you enjoyed my interview with my Sole Sister Karen :)  Please make sure to check out Karen's  blog, and don't forget to subscribe to my blog.  Thank you for reading have a happy Monday!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

TGIF: Purple Payson & Neon Delights

I already reviewed my nude Payson's, but I had to share my purple Payson's I just received today.  Oh my goodness I am in LOVE.  Purple is my favorite color, I only have a couple of purple shoes, but these are my new favorite purple shoes.  I am so glad I ordered the orange Payson's thanks to a couple of you who used my link to purchase, I ordered the orange one's with a free credit!  Thank you very much for using my link ladies.  If you are not a Justfab member, please use my link to purchase your very own pair of fabulous shoes, you will get a 50% off discount your first pair of shoes!

Here is a picture of me wearing my purple Payson's the color of the first pic I posted above is the most accurate color of the shoes.  

I went to Kohl's today and ran into these beauties!  These are Rock & Republic neon pink patent leather shoes.  I had to have them, they were on sale for $44.99, and I had a 20% off discount, so they came out to be about $36.00 with the discount.  I usually go up .5 size in pointy toe shoes, my true size fit me in these since they seem to run wide.  I love the reflective silver heel on them, they are perfect :)

Here is a pic of these beautiful shoes.

I really felt inspired by these yellow shoes I got a while back at Charolette Russe, so I decided to make a necklace with yellow, pink and orange beads.  I love the combination!  I am getting inspired to create  pastel and neon color jewelry for my store so please make sure to check out my Belladazzle fb page.

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Little Black Bag: I am officially hooked!

I was very hesitant to sign up and join "Little Black Bag", now I am officially hooked!  Okay so you sign up online, you get to view a variety of items from handbags from brands such as BCBGMAXAZRIA, Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, and many other items.  You choose one item, and the stylists will surprise you with 2 other items in your bag such as jewelry, you also have the option to trade any of your items if you are not happy with your surprise choices. 

I traded some Steve Madden glasses for a necklace.  I also traded a crossbody satchel for a necklace I really liked.  When you are happy with your choices you click ship your items!  My bag arrived only 2 days after is was shipped!  Best of all you get all your items in your bag for only $49.90, items are valued at least $120.00 or more in total!  It's a really great deal, if you want to purchase an additional black bag you can, for the same price, or wait until the 1st of every month where you can view new items in your bag!

I agree!  Every girl need a Little Black Bag!

I chose a Nila Anthony bag Retail value $72.  This bag is a perfect supper bag, medium size, and the neon adds the perfect pop of color to the neutral color bag!

The lining of the bag is also gorgeous!  

I received all of this in my Little Black Bag, my beautiful  Nila Anthony handbag, 2 Robert Rose necklaces, and my Michael Marcus polish in a really pretty orange color.  Sign up today and you will not be sorry,  it's so much fun to trade with other ladies!  You will get a bonus gift of $25 every time someone uses your link to sign up, so don't forget to share your link with your friends!!!

TGIF: Shoes under $20

I don't really wear orange shoes, but I made an exception because of the pretty purple bow.  I purchased these at Rue 21 they were only $7!

I wanted these when I first saw them, but waited for them to go on sale, these were the last pair in my size.  I purchased these at Rue 21 for $7.

I had originally purchased these Jenifer Lopez shoes at Kohl's for $50, but ended up returning them because I thought it was too much money.  I am so glad I did because I repurchased them recently for only $14.99!

These color block leather heels are Jenifer Lopez heels are from Kohl's for $14.99.

I purchased these babies at the Wholesale Fashion Shoes in Phoenix, AZ for only $10.88!  Justfab also sells these shoes in this peach color, blue, and green.

I love these, they are extremely comfortable!  I purchased these at the Wholesale Fashion Shoes for $10.88.  This is also a shoe Justfab sells in this color and in pink.

I purchased these black sequin shoes at the Wholesale Fashion Shoes for $10.88, they are very similar to Justfab Adoria.

Rock & Republic gold wedges are from Kohl's sale $13.99.

I purchased these cute coral flats at the Seaport near Manhattan for $20.

I ordered these cute red polka dot & black polka dot flats online through Hautelook for only $14.

Last but not least I purchased these cute Candie flats at Kohl's for $11.99.

 If you are not a Justfab member please use my link, I only need a few more points to get a Free pair of shoes, thank you so much!

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Payson & Showstopper

I received Payson a day early, it's always a good surprise to receive your shoes a day early!  I ordered these shoes on the 1st from my Justfab boutique.  I had originally purchased  Edith from Shoemint, but they felt too high, and I almost twisted my ankle twice while trying to walk in them around my house.  I ended up selling Edith, but when Justfab came out with these in our June boutique, I wanted to give them a try.  The Edith were more of a taupe color, and these are more of a nude color, which I think is prettier.  I tried them on right away, and they fit true to size, and they are comfy!  So happy I ordered these, the purple Payson's are on their way to me!

Purple Payson, my favorite color I had to order these, I just wanted to make sure my true size fit me before ordering.  Use my link to sign up if you aren't already a Justfab member, and receive your first purchase at 50%!

Tangerine Payson, I don't use orange very much, but it is a hot color this season, and a beautiful shoe!

I also received these beautiful shoes today as a prize from Bakers in the Shoeternity contest, I have won once before, and was surprised that I won look of the week again!  Showstopper is the name of these shoes, I was really interested in the pink version of these, but they were sold out in my size, so I decided to choose these as my prize.  I was not disappointed when I received them.  These are perfect, so sparkly in person the pics definitely do not show how sparkly the crystals are.  Thank you Lindsay for allowing me to win Look of the Week again, please go check out Bakers, they have so many pretty shoes!

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Dreaming of New York City

It was a dream come true when my husband and I took a trip to the Big Apple.

  One of our first stops was Central Park, it is beautiful there!  

We had our portraits drawn in Central Park.  The artist did a really good job at drawing us, I was very happy with the results.  

We went on the Staten Island Ferry and passed by the Statue of Liberty.

 A beautiful view of the city from the Ferry.

 I saw the Kardashian Dash store when we were in Soho.

Times Square

Times Square

Empire State Building

View at the top of the Empire State Building

 Last day in NYC, outfit of the day. Dress is from H&M

Quince Shoes from Shoedazzle
Chanel Inspire bag purchased in China Town

Tia Vilma, myself, and Alvaro (husband)

I LOVE the sign we saw on our way to Manhattan.

Ali Baba's Terrace

Meeting my 2 shoe friends for the very first time Alexandra & Julie

 Drinks at 5 Burros :)

I had an amazing time, this was my first visit to NYC, but definitely not my last!  If you have never been to NYC, you should make it a point to visit this beautiful and diverse city.  My husband and I are planning our next trip to NYC, and if all goes well one day we will be living in New York City :)  Thank you for stopping by and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :)