Monday, March 05, 2012

Loving your body at any size!

The first thing I think about anytime I take pictures is that I am not the right size.  One of the reasons I was so reluctant to blog was because I was waiting until I lost weight.  Just the thought of taking pics and trying to look cute at a size 12/14 made me feel unsure of myself.  Until just recently I decided that I will make the best and work with what I have now.

I have a straight body shape, which means that my bust and my hips are basically the same size.  I know my body, and know what I am looking for when I am shopping.  After you find out your body shape, then you will know what type of clothes flatters your body!  One of my favorite stores to shop at is NY & CO they carry up to a size 16,  they also have petite, average and tall in pants, so it makes it very easy to shop there.


I did a little research and the average size of an American women is size 14!   I think it would be awesome to see average sized women in the media.  I wanted to see what my healthy body weight was for my height,  I found out that I do need to eat and exercise to be at a healthy weight.   For me it is not about what size I am, but about being healthy and feeling good about my self.  Confidence is loving and accepting who you are right now.

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