Thursday, January 05, 2012

Shoemint: Edith VS. Justfab's Payson

I really liked the Edith shoe from Shoemint, but when I found out the price I was definitely only going to admire this shoe from afar.  I don't think I have ever spent $79.98 on any single pair of shoes.  Even as a little girl I always wanted to make my money stretch, and try to get the most for my money.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for purchasing shoes when I see a star wearing similar one's like the Loubouton's that Kim Kardashian is wearing in this picture.  My beautiful Sole Sister and friend Kat made my Christmas perfect by gifting me a coupon code for $40 off!!!  How could I say no to that!  I ordered my Edith shoes right away.

 I instantly fell in love with her handbag, and had already seen it at Target for only $24.99, so I had to go get my bag to go with my shoes.  As soon as my shoes came in I tried them on, but they are so high, I felt like I was going to topple over. 

I am updating this post, since I did sell my Edith shoes and replaced them with Payson.   I  purchased my Payson shoe's from Justfab in nude, orange, and purple.  I was so pleased with how comfortable they were!  They are very high, but I didn't feel like I was going to fall in my Payson's.   When ordering if you have a wide foot I recommend you go up half size to give your toes some wiggle room.

I wore them to a wedding and LOVE them!  Here is what I wore with my Payson's.  All the details on my outfit are in this post.

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  1. you look gorgeous. hun.. I bought these shoes back in november from steve madden and I too love them... nice and tall....


  2. Thank you Lizbeth! Love you girl I follow you on Facebook :)



  3. I know I mentioned to you how much I love that bag. It goes so well with Edith. You look great girlie! xoxo

    Shoes and Jules

    1. Thank you Jules :) I am so glad I got the bag, I almost passed it up!

  4. A woman after my own heart! :) I love shoes, too.
    And I do the same thing -- I always go straight for the sales / clearance section and then once I'm done with it, I'll browse the regular priced items to see which ones I want once they go on sale. LOL!

    1. I think it would be fun if we went shopping together! I always imagine that no one shops like me, but you do to :)