Monday, June 18, 2012

Inspiring women: Karen Danielle Torres

I wanted to start interviewing women who have inspired me.  I first met Karen Danielle Torres through the Shoedazzle facebook page a couple years ago.   We both shared our LOVE for shoes, and I really admired her sense of style.  We were both part of a shoegroup on facebook Shoedivas, and that is how we start getting to know each other and became friends.  Aside from her amazing style, she is very positive, very outgoing, and humble. 

Question: What does true beauty mean to you?

Karen: I think true beauty comes from the inside. It starts with being kind to yourself and believing in yourself. Personally, I do like to do my hair and wear make up and wear a variety of different clothing styles, but a woman who dresses plainly and pulls her hair back, but always has a smile or a kind word is even more beautiful.

Question:  What makes you feel beautiful?

Karen: Lots of things make me feel beautiful. Being outside on a beautiful day, listening to good music, getting pampered, or hearing compliments from my friends or my husband all make me feel beautiful.

Question:  Who is your style icon?

Karen:  I love Gwen Stefani's style! I have been following her since the early 90's! But I also love Jennifer Lopez's style and Jennifer Aniston. They are all very classy and unique and stick with what works best for them.

Question:   You always look so happy, where do you draw your strength from?

Karen:  Well, to be completely honest, I'm not always happy and I actually struggle with depression. I just don't post pics of myself on those days. But I do draw my strength from my faith in God. I know that He loves me and has the best in store for me, even when things may hurt or times seem rough. Sometimes I forget that it is by trial that our faith grows and nothing is more beautiful or strong then faith in the Lord.

I also feel strong in other ways too though. As I get older, I try harder and try more new things. In this past year alone, I've run a half marathon and went ziplining even though I was terrified at first! Conquering a fear is definitely strong and beautiful!

Karen deployed in Afghanistan.

 Karen looking GORGEOUS at a military ball.

 Karen showing off her cute style :)

 Karen and her husband Benjie, this is her favorite pic of them having fun and being silly :)

Hope you enjoyed my interview with my Sole Sister Karen :)  Please make sure to check out Karen's  blog, and don't forget to subscribe to my blog.  Thank you for reading have a happy Monday!!!

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