Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Princess

This birthday I felt like a birthday princess.  I started off my day by taking my 2 little one's Mike (4) and Violet (2) to Dave & Busters to use the gift certificate I was sent.  The kids had fun, we pretty much had the entire building to ourselves.  I decided to wear a casual outfit since I was going to be running after my 2 little one's.  I wore one of my favorite dresses from ELLE, black blazer, and some black flats.

When my 2 older kids David (10) and Nicole (7) got home from school we decided to cut the cake.  I got one of my favorite cakes ever Chocoflan, it is flan on the bottom layer and chocolate cake on the top layer.  It had strawberries and peaches with frosting, and a very cute Hello Kitty cupcake in the middle of the cake.  

I started getting ready for dinner with my very good friend Iris.  Every year for the past 3 yrs I receive a $30 gift certificate from Benihanna's so it has become a tradition to have dinner there for my birthday.  I decided to wear a really pretty dress I found at H&M a couple days before my birthday for only $15 SCORE!  My outfit was inspired by this very cute gift bag i found at Target, it is a Audrey Hephburn inspired look.  

Pink dress H&M $15
Black Blazer 5-7-9 $15
Sequin Clutch Belladazzle $25
Hello Kitty watch Kohl's GIFT
Black sequin shoes: Wholesale Fashion Shoes $10.88

The staff at Benihana's are always very pleasant, they asked what the occasion was, and when I told them it was my birthday they sat us right away.  We were at a table with 6 other people.  It was a birthday table because we were all handing the waiter our certificates, so that was kinda funny.  We arrived just in time right before happy hour was going to finish so right away I ordered a Blue Ocean Punch Bowl a drink for 2 ($10)   It was so good!  It did not taste like alcohol which I like, it was very fruity!  

If you have never been to Benihanna's I suggest you go at least once.   The fun part and this is mostly fun for kids I think is that they cook the food right in front of you.  The cook throws up his utensils, so it's like a little show they put on for you.  You do get a lot of food for your money, we ordered Filet Mignon with chicken fried rice, and some shrimp ($36) it is enough food 2. 

The waiter brought me some rainbow sherbert ice cream with a candle and they sang Happy Birthday in English & Japanese which was really nice!  Then the owner comes out and takes a picture of you and brings it out right away with a Benihanna red frame.  If you sign up online they send you your birthday certificate every year during your birthday month.  This was the best birthday I have ever had!  I am blessed with everything that God has given me.

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  1. Looks delicious and your outfits always look so well put together! Hope you had a happy birthday!!