Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shoe Challenge Day18 Makeeda

Makeeda from JustFab is another one of my favorite shoes I have purchased from them, I have these shoe in black, red, blue, and blush.  It is extremely comfortable and a showstopper with the bow and spikes it has all around the shoe.  I ordered .5 size up and they fit me perfectly.  

I am wearing a dress I found at Epic a second hand store for $1, blue clutch I found at Rue 21 for $9.99, my heart Bestsey Johnson necklace & ring from Little Black Bag, and the purple True Love bracelet is also from Little Black Bag.  My blue Makeeda's are from Justfab $39.99, and if you are not yet a member you can purchase these shoes for only $19.99 by using my link.

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P.S. My photographer is my 10 yr old son David, and I just wanted to say that he is doing an awesome job!  I love you honey :)


  1. Love the clutch!! You look really nice in this picture!

  2. Your son takes great pictures. I am so still in love with that clutch. I'm am going to have tto check my local rue 21 to see if hey still have anything similar. I was able to purchase the blush ones but I would have purchased the black ones if they would've had them in my size. I almost purchased the red ones during the 2 for 1 sale but they sold out of my size before I could grab them. Love your whole look!!!

    1. Thank you Charm Ming! I appreciate it, I will let him know :) I subscribed to you blog! Let me know if you find the clutch :D

  3. i love you shoes and bag

  4. love the decoration on your shoes!~~