Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mary Kay Review

 Shannon Villanueva is my Mary Kay representative, she has been a pleasure to work with! Shannon sent me a link to her website so that I can fill out my beauty profile.  Don't forget to go and fill out your profile here. You answer a few question's such as skin type, skin color, and eye color.  Based on your profile Shannon can tell you what products would fit your needs!  It was that easy, and it took less than 5 minutes for fill out.  You can watch my video review here.

I received the Botanical Effects cleanse & moisturizer, which I love!  I have been using these items for a little more than a week and I can see the difference in my skin.  I have really sensitive and oily skin, so I have to be very careful with what I use on it.  I had been breaking out really bad, and as soon as I started using these items my skin looked so much better and it cleared up my acne!

The makeup is also amazing, I have the Shy Blush, Hazelnut, Honey Spice, and Sweet Plum eye shadow's.  For the eyes she sent me the black retractable eye liner, retractable is so easy to use and you don't have to fuss with sharpening which is a major plus, and the Flawless Mascara.  For the lips Shannon sent me the clear lip liner which prevents dark lipstick from bleeding, and the Hibiscus Lipstick my new favorite go to color for fall, and the Fancy Nancy lip gloss. 

This past weekend I went to a kid's costume party, and any excuse to dress up is good for me!  I LOVE dressing up, my husband says I act like a kid for wanting to dress up, but I wasn't allowed to dress up when I was little so I am making up for it now :)  I was the Devil, and my daughter was a Rock Star, so I had an opportunity to use all this wonderful makeup for on both of us!  I used all the products I was sent on both my daughter and I, the only difference was that I did not use the lip gloss on myself, and I lined my lips with black eyeliner to look mean like the Devil. 

Before and after pics :)
Devil & Rock Star!

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  1. Love It! You both look awesome! Great box of products I haven't used Mary kay in some time but Always loved the products! Face products were excellent.

    1. Yes Julia, Mary Kay has some amazing products:)

  2. They look so cute. I love the costumes. My son is going to be Batman, no originality but he will be happy!

    1. As long as the kids are happy! My daughter will be Belle from Beauty and the Beast for Halloween this was just a costume we put together from our costume box :D

  3. The before and afters are UNREAL & this little girl (your daughter) is a heart-swiper for sure! Watch out, boys! :) Lookin' good ladies.