Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Thrifty Treasure

Good morning!  Happy Tuesday even though it feels more like a Monday to me.  I had a long and busy weekend.  It has been getting very cold here in Arizona, at least for me I enjoy the 80's temp and now we are cooling down to the 70's so I am just not used to it. The only good thing about it getting colder is I get to wear my coats that I love and rarely get to wear here in Arizona. 

I had another outfit planned, but I will save it for a warmer day.  Today's thrifty treasure is an Express tweed blazer with shades of pinks, purples, and greys in it.  I only payed $1 for it, I am wearing a peplum lace top from Kohl's, my berry skinnyjeans from Kohl's, my Melie Bianco Bow Satchel from Little Black Bag, and my blush Juliana from Justfab a gift for participation in their Fashionista Circle.

Juliana is a pretty blush tone quilted heel with the JF emblem stitched on the heel.   I had to order size 10 I wear size 8.5 and it runs a whole size small, and since they do not have size 9.5 I had to go up to size 10.  I had Julianna in pink and the size 9 fit me too snug, these fit me big, but I put 2 heels inserts to make them fit. 

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  1. love the combo of berry and pink!


  2. I LOVE the color of your jeans! You look great!


  3. Very cute outfit, how the heck did you get that jacket for only a dollar? I love the shoes, I will be looking for some like it soon!

  4. Cute outfit. You are going to make me go to the thrift stores & take my time looking for great finds!


  5. Do you wear heals every day? Your closet must be nuts! Cute outfit

  6. I love looking at your posts every Thrift Tuesday! You find the best deals!


  7. Cute outfit! And awesome photos, I love coming here for fashion inspiration (but you're braver than me!)

  8. Love the sites new look, I always get a smile visiting here, love your outfits!

  9. Cute outfit, love the bag!

  10. I love your bag. And your shoes. And pants and whole outfit! You're so adorable!
    But the bag is my favorite part of the outfit! :)

  11. I wish I was allowed to wear heels! You show the cutest ones here!

  12. Hey girlie! Thank you so much for your message on my site. I really appreciate it. :)

    I absolutely love this look. Then again, I always love your looks! :) I have to catch up on all the looks that I missed from you. :