Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Inspired: Sweet, Romantic, Wild, Casual

Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day used to be so much fun to me when I was younger and I knew for sure that I would be receiving  a Valentine's from everyone in my classroom.  Then I got older and sometimes didn't get a Valentine and would feel bad about it.  I have decided not to care anymore, Valentine's Day to me is about showing your kids, parents, and friends that you appreciate and LOVE them, it doesn't have to be about "romance" and spending a bunch of money. 

Here are 4 different looks that I put together, one is sweet, one romantic, one is a little wild, and the last one is casual.  I like most women have so many different sides of me and it just all depends on how I feel that day, so my outfits tend to tell a story sometimes.  I think it's fun to express how you feel through how you dress each day, nothing wrong with that! 

The first is my sweet look.  I am wearing this mint button down top thrift store find $1, I LOVE this top!  Why would anybody want to get rid of it?  I don't know but I am sure glad that I found it.  Believe it or not this look was inspired very last minute when I was standing in line at Charlotte Russe to purchase this polka dot pink skirt $15 last week, I glanced over and saw these floral heels in the clearance rack.  I said why not wear these 2 items together, by the way my heels were $10.  

You might recognize my necklace it was a gift from my trip to the Justfab office last week, love it!  My bracelet is from Rue 21 $5.95 they have so many colors I must go back for a few more.  My lovely sweet & a little wild purse is Impresario from Justfab.  It is part of the Valentine's collection, and today they are having a sale where you can add a handbag or a pair of jeans to your bag for only $15 if you purchase a regular priced item!  This is a great deal so don't pass it up!

My second look is my romantic look.  I found this really pretty dress while thrift store shopping $1.  It looks like it had never been worn.  I did a little DIY to the dress the red bottom of the dress was as long as the black over lay lace, but I decided I wanted it to be shorter so I cute the red bottom to make the illusion of a short dress under the long one.  I love how it turned out!  

My heels are Colette from Shoedazzle $11.99, I got them to go with this dress.  My bag again is Impressario from Justfab, my favorite bag!  My necklace again is the same necklace from the first look.  I love this look if I was going out to dance with hubby, maybe some Salsa or Spanish music. 

My third look is a little wild, but I like it!  I am wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt from Walmart $3.  My skirt is a heart print skirt from Rue 21 $3, my blazer is an older blazer (maternity)  I love it so I just cannot seem to get rid of it!  My boots are Akari from Shoedazzle, and they were only $12, so extremely comfortable!  Yes this look is a little wild with the over the knee boots and the skirt, but I think the loose fitting shirt and blazer kind of balance out this look.  

My last look is my casual look.  I am actually wearing this one today as I run around taking my kids to school.  I am wearing a white peplum top, a jean heart printed jean blouse over the white shirt from Rue 21 $8.50, my pink skinny jeans from Rue 21, my silver flats from Wet Seal, and my silver heart clutch from Justfab.  I wanted to add a little bit of glitter and pazazz with the glittery shoes and clutch.  

Which outfit was your favorite?  My favorite outfit was the very first one, the sweet outfit.  Hope that I inspired you and gave you some ideas for some affordable outfits.  Happy Valentine's Day, and don't forget to show Love and compassion to those around you!  Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :)




  1. You never cease to amaze me! I love every one except for the black/red dress- SUCH cute style!

  2. I really love the black and red outfit!! They are all nice but that is definitely my favorite!


  3. I totally love the red & black outfit and the Love bracelet
    is awesome!

  4. You are so freaking adorable! It's a tie between the first and the third for me. You don't wear a size eight by chance do you because I love those flower shoes!! ;)

  5. How cute! I love the little Love bracelet. I really do need to expand my wardrobe options! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love the red and black dress, all outfits are adorable.

  7. I like the third outfit best! My daughter in her 20's has a lot of those skirts that are longer in back! Cute looks! - jenny at dapperhouse