Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I scored a Prabal Gurung top!

I have been feeling pretty lazy, and haven't posted any new outfits on my blog this past week.  I have just had so much going on lately!  Okay so back to blogging, I feel like I totally scored yesterday at Target as I rushed in to get some snacks for my kids and happen to pass by the women's section very quickly and there it was on the rack all alone the very last top from the Prabal Gurung collection in my size!  It was the very top I had been wanting, but they did not have my size at the Target near my house.  I took it as a sign that it was meant for me!  

The top is very casual, but can be dressed up.  It is very comfortable and light weight so I know that I will definitely get great use out of it as it starts heating up here in Arizona.  I already have other outfits in mind for it, but today I just wanted to wear it casually.  I threw on my faux leather jacket, lime and gold jewelry, and my black flats.  I am ready to conquer my day as a mom, chauffeur, cook, teacher, and all the other rolls you can imagine a busy mother of 4 has!   

My bracelets are from Little Black Bag.  The Bow lime bracelet by Robert Rose, the Crystal stretch bracelet is by Punch, and the True Love bracelet is by BCBGeneration. 

This lovely bag I have featured on my blog before, it is Bombshell from JustFab, and it is also available in a tan color.  I ordered both and LOVE them!  This bag is the perfect bag for any on the go mom like myself, I throw everything in my bag such as coloring books, crayons, my makeup, wallet, my mini ipad, notebook, and bible!  It is very roomy. 

My super cute and comfy go to black Hello Kitty flats are also from JustFab.  These sold out so quickly, I got luck and snagged the black.  I am so glad I did because they really go with everything, and they are just adorable with the cute silver Hello Kitty face!

Thank you so much for taking your time to stop by and visit my blog!  I hope you have an amazing and blessed day, and if you get a chance don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!




  1. Ok...now were not friends! LOL! I think I might be the only blogger without a Prabal Gurung goodie! UGH! My Target sucks! You look bella! LOVE IT ALL!


  2. I love the shoes!!! I can only wear flats now after 3 ankle surgeries.

  3. SO CUTE! You look great . . . my 22 year old daughter just got a similar jacket in red and I love it! - jenny at dapperhouse

  4. That top is super cute but Oh My Goodness.... I am totally in love with the bracelets! Especially that bow tie one, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  5. Love the top, and the bling is very cute! Not sure how I missed that bag in the past but I really love it! It's one I would have chosen for myself!!

  6. I love the shoes and jacket. So adorable!

  7. OK.... You say now you're ready to tackle the world of a busy mom.... Ummm.... I tackle my day with a pair of jeans and a sweater. If I'm feeling really fashionable, I may put on a necklace! All I can say - is you def have a great eye for fashion!

  8. I love the bracelets and the bag. I wish you were closer to come do a closet makeover for me, I need serious help.

  9. I just love the COLORS! You rock! Could you dress me tomorrow?? LOL. I need to dress up once in a while :)

  10. "just happened to be passing by the women's sectin" LOL Yeah, I tell myself that too. :-)

  11. You find the best things! :) Target is definitely a dangerous store.

    come be apart of my blog. :)


  12. Love the casual look! :)


    P.S. We went to Target to get a stroller and water, and I ended up going home with boots. I know what you mean!!

  13. I need some flats like yours. My black flats are cute, but they are some sort of fabric and attract everything! Fur, lint, dust, ugh! It's annoying. Love the bling!