Friday, April 05, 2013

A touch of Neon

Nothing fancy, just a quick outfit post.  I participated in Jessica's monthly challenge from Jessica Fashion Notes, this month the challenge was to wear neon in an outfit.  I was having a bit of a challenge with the pictures coming out good, the skirt does not look neon in the pictures.  I also had the challenge of posting my very first outfit video on youtube in Spanish.  I do speak Spanish, but I don't speak it very often so it was very hard for me to do this.

I ended up having to use my ipad to record the video, so I was pretty frustrated to say the least.  I do plan to participate in the future monthly challenges on her blog, but I definitely need to practice my Spanish and figure out how to make better videos for the next one.  I am so glad tomorrow is already going to be Friday, I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I really had a very long and frustrating week.  Next week has to be a better week.

Make sure to visit Walking in Memphis in Heels for the link up and some great black and orange looks for Halloween.  

Bracelet: Charlotte Russe $5
Shirt: H&M $5
Skirt & Belt: Charlotte Russe $2.99
Purse: Bombshell from JustFab
Shoes: Amy from Shoedazzle 

This is a close up look of the skirt, and it still does not look neon in this picture but I promise it is a neon coral color. 

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  1. Gorgeous styling of the skirt! Love! I'm your newest follower via gfc :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too. xo