Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Animal Instincts: Cheetah Print

Happy Wednesday!  Yesterday I wore this animal print dress I found at Walmart part of Tina Knowles Collection.  I love how comfy this dress is.  I really like how Cheetah and Leopard print look with a pop of red.  I am wearing my burgundy Rouen which is also in the red family.  I decided to go neutral for my purse, with my tan Arrival.  I absolutely love it I have this bag in tan, black, and burgundy. 
 Bracelets: Little Black Bag
Dress: Walmart
Purse: Arrival @JustFab
Shoes: Rouen @JustFab

Arrival is such a classic looking bag, I love the shape and I can fit alot of stuff in it!  Arrival also comes in black, bergundy, and navy blue.  My Rouen shoes are so pretty, I went up a half size to give my toes a little bit of wiggle room.  The heel is high, but they are pretty easy to walk in because of the platform.

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  1. I love how you paired the red shoes with the cheetah print dress. Looks gorgeous! And those are very good colors on you!

  2. Wow girl, you are smokin'! Those shoes are killer, and that bag is adorbs.

  3. Love that dress! The bag, not a huge fan though, lol

  4. I LOVE THIS DRESS. It really looks stunning on you!

  5. I tried to take some pictures of me dressed up this past week and I now have a new appreciation for your blog! You make it looks so effortless! Beautiful as always! I did good to find 1 picture I could crop. I need to pick your brain and see how you take such great pictures!

  6. I usually have to take a bunch of pictures to find some that I like. It can be frustrating, especially because my daughter takes them for me before going to school so we usually have about 10 minutes to take the pictures. Sometimes I plan my outfits and after I see the pics, I figure out that the outfit was not a good idea. I'd love to help with any questions you might have!

  7. You look amazing! LOVE this dress!


  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cheetah! It looks great paired with the red, too!