Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Shoe Challenge Day 30 Erin

My 30 day Shoe Challenge was a huge challenge for me, I am so busy with my 4 kids and home, but I did enjoy going outside of my comfort zone.  I also managed to purge 23 pairs of shoes to make room for the new one's coming in, so I am keeping my word of only keeping shoes I know I will use.  I LOVE shoes, but I am learning to be more selective when I purchase shoes now I only buy them if I absolutely love them and know that I will wear them.

I chose Erin for the last day of my shoe challenge.  Erin is pretty breathtaking with all the details.  The black and nude straps,  gold studs, a reflective gold heel, and a pointed toe.  This shoe is just beautiful!  Not to mention that I snagged her while Shoedazzle gave everyone a $15 credit, and during a sale, so this shoe was only $24.99!  It is also a replica of a Valentino shoe which I would never be able to afford, so this was a total steal.

This heel on the shoe is very low so you can wear them to spice any outfit from jeans to a plain t-shirt and leather jacket, or dress them up with a pretty dress or skirt.  I ordered .5 size up as I usually do with pointed toe shoes for my wide feet.  I would love the order Erin in nude, this shoe is a must have for any fashionista!

I am wearing a black blazer from 5-7-9 $20, a high low skirt I found at Forever 21 for only $4.99, a lace top from Rue 21 $4, my Melie Bianco Bow Satchel is from Little Black Bag, and my Erin shoes from Shoedazzle $24.99.

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  1. I have Erin in nude and I love her! Great outfit!!

  2. Great post ! Love the outfit! A full breakdown of the outfit and deals is awesome, good information. It makes it easy for us to go out and do something similar :)

  3. Love the review as always! cute, cute shoes & purse!

  4. You collect shoes, I collect books. Same thing right? :) I do love them on you!

  5. I love the bargains you get! So awesome. The bag is my favorite.